Limited Edition – Founders Club 500 – 50% BONUS OFFER

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Limited Edition – Founders Club 500 – 50% BONUS OFFER

Reserve your Alkane Dominator™ Today and become part of the exclusive Limited Edition Founders Club 500.

Enjoy unique features and benefits exclusive to the first 500 Dominators reserved.

Members will receive a OEM Certification with the production number of the unit reserved specific to the position hold on the Reservations List.

We’ll also add a special bonus of $1,750 to your $3,500, for a total of $5,250 to apply to the purchase of your Dominator™.

Unique wearable gear with the Dominator™ 500 Founders Club LE Emblem.


All Reservations will be hold in an escrow account until applied towards the purchase price.

Reservations do not represent a final sale. After reserving your vehicle you will receive a confirmation with your selection and an aproximate total cost for your configuration, a local dealer will be assigned to your order as soon as one is available.  A Sales Agreement must be signed to conclude final purchase option, at that moment we will reflect your reservation amount plus any aditional bonus added on your final invoice.



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